Simply stated, omnichannel marketing is multichannel marketing done right. In the world of marketing, things are shifting and evolving constantly. Believe it or not, consumers usually tend to be one step ahead of marketers when it comes to marketing through multiple channels.

Successful marketing was once done through mass, “push”-based techniques to reach whoever, wherever. As long the message got in front of a large group of people, the marketer was happy. On the consumer side – options used to be much more limited than they are today. In the past, if an individual needed a TV, they would have to go into the store and purchase the TV. There was only one way to satisfy their needs when it came to being a consumer.

Today, marketing has taken on a completely new form. The introduction of iPhones, smartphones in general, laptops, and tablets has given consumers multiple options and channels in which they can satisfy their shopping needs. These products have also given consumers new ways of receiving and learning information; Marketers were given new ways to connect, reach, and engage with their markets. Because of this, among other things, marketing has become more customized to target one to one – the communication has become much more direct and personalized.

In order to adhere to the rising demands of technology and, in turn, constant accessibility for consumers and marketers alike, omnichannel marketing arose. Omnichannel marketing aims to keep interactions between the consumer and the marketer consistent across multiple means of communication. Its other purpose is to ensure a seamless experience for consumers.

At the center of an omnichannel marketing strategy is the sole customer. Omnichannel marketing realizes that the various platforms consumers interact on and engage with calls for a consistent strategy throughout. Omnichannel marketing is a very strategic approach to the modern day world of marketing and takes an outside-in approach because it considers the customer’s experience and perspective first.

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