Advertising Engineered

Ad Genius engineers marketing to connect brands with people on a one-to-one level. We do this by making data smarter.


Behavioral & Data Science

Audience engagement is driven by behavioral and neuroscience. It’s the science behind the artwork.

750 big data variables are mathematically correlated to create a model that represents the existing customer, and find the next customer or influencer with high probability.


Ad-Serving Technology

Reach your potential customers on a one- to- one level. Deterministic, customizable, multi-patented technology reaching 100% of targets across the Omnichannel Personal Marketing experience – online and offline.


Campaign Engineering

From strategy development through creative design, to campaign deployment and performance monitoring, every step of the process allows for continuous improvement. Plan. Implement. Analyze. Change. Rinse and repeat.


Measurement Mathematics

Campaign return on investment is measured by matching lead generation and revenue growth against the targets who were served ads. Simple, transparent, and quantifiable.