Art +Science

Art meets science, it’s genius! We connect brands with people on a personal, one-to-one level. How? By making data smarter so you can find your next customer.

Smarter Data ModelingWe Make Models - Well, Smarter.

Data made smarter.

We use data to get smarter about how we spend marketing dollars. Our technology uses 750 big data variables that are mathematically correlated to create a model that represents your existing customer, and find your next customer with high probability.

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Marketing’s Holy Grail

We’ve got one.

Using patented analytical and predictive modeling tools, we mine your data, build a model, and find your next potential customer. Your ad will be served exactly when, where, and how you want. Our technology will reach customers with 100% accuracy with real time bidding automation.

Don’t believe us? Call or text us and we will prove it.

“Brother Maynard – bring forth the holy hand grenade!”

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One-to-One Marketing at Scale


Ever bite into a cookie and get crumbs everywhere? You leave a trail behind. Same goes for the internet. When you accept a cookie you leave a trail. But now, the internet has vacuumed up all these crumbs and you no longer know where your customer is.

Don’t worry!  We can still find your ideal customer and serve them your message on any device, anywhere, anytime – online and offline. Its called Omnichannel People Based Marketing. It works and leads to high customer satisfaction, engagement, and of course, sales! And, who doesn’t want more sales?

Like Cookies? We like real people more.

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One-to-One Marketing at ScaleNo More Missed Connections.

Identify and connect with high-value customers.

We match new customer leads and sales to the ads we serve and report this information to you. Then, we tie your investment in our services to the growth we see in leads, sales, and profits. Finally, a digital marketing technology that can measure a true return on investment. Never miss an opportunity again.

Find Your Missed Connection